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Infrared IR Motion Sensor Ceiling Wall Automatic Lamp Light Control Switch
This is a infrared based automatic light switch that can switch the lights automatically based on human motion detection using Infrared rays emiited by the human body. This device is used to automatically switch the lights on when someone walks into the room, hallway, corridor, bathroom, basement, warehouse, garage, etc. and automatically turn off the light, when there is no more motion detected, i.e. when the person had left the area.


Wide operating voltage: AC110V - 250V.
The extra-wide delay time adjustment: about 10 seconds - 6 minutes adjustable!
Adjustable sensitivity: turn on the lights during the day or night.
Sensing distance: 0-7 meters
Induction angle degrees: 110-140
Load Power: 1W to 200W
Sensing Method: Passive InfraRed

Connection/Wiring Diagram:

PIR Automatic Light Connection

Keep distance between switch and load more than 0.3 meter, do not exposed to direct sun light or lighting, don’t put it in rapid environmental changes. The Infrared switches are used to detect the variance of the difference between the human body temperature and the environment temperature, and the sensitivity will be affected by all kinds of factors such as the environment temperature, the walk speed and direction.
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