AUTOMATION PROJECTS (Learning Prototype)

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Automatic car washing plant
Car washing is simple activity done in order to keep the exterior of the car clean. Mostly it is done manually in automobile garage or service centres of automobile companies. This manual way of cleaning car results in more consumption of water, manpower and time. The automatic car washing system explained in this paper minimises the use of water and also manpower requirement. Our car washing system utilises control using PLC. SCADA system will be installed on the operator panel and hence the operator can monitor and control the whole process. There are three process involved in our car washing system namely washing, cleaning and drying. Cycles of washing includes washing with water, and then with detergent . Using this automatic car washing system, many cars can be washed and it will save time, energy and manpower. Such systems can be installed anywhere such as malls, airports, railway stations, residential buildings etc.
SCADA based building elevator
use the three floor elevator model to shows the SCADA monitoring on elevator. It is easy to moniter the elevator through SCADA. Fast and Easy SCADA Control The object of a PLC simulator is to 'fake out' the input into a PLC so that the programmer can test and debug the program before installation into it's operating environment. Our patent pending SCADA simulators achieve this by mounting on the existing terminal strip of the SCADA and providing easy controls to turn digital inputs on/off or adjust analogy signals.
PLC based weight lift
In modern globalization, many technologists are trying to update a new development based on automation which works very rigidly, high effectively and within short time period. The progressive invention in auto weighing system is becoming an important task especially because of rising demand of products and declining labour availability in industry. In recent years, in industry the weight of the jobs are checking and then faulty jobs are rejected manually . But now a days we can check the weight of the object using the automation( using Load cells) technique and faulty jobs rejected using PLC and accurate jobs pass to further process on the conveyor belt. In industry the production speed should be high because demand of the product is more. But when we check the weight of the object manually then it will take more time for checking the weight and overall speed of the production will decrease. Hence the purpose of this project is to develop a automation technique using PLC. Index Terms—Conveyor Belt, Load Cells, Programmable
SCADA based automatic GSS
SCADA system is more popular than other control system in the modern industrial processes. This research describes the automated switch control for SCADA based electrical distribution system of primary substation. The objective of this research is to transform the manual control system to automated switch control system in Myanmar. There are four main portions in SCADA based electrical distribution system. They are automated control system, interfacing units, monitoring system and networking system. The simulations based approach automated system are demonstrated in this research. According to the simulation results, the proposed automated monitoring system using SCADA are met with the desired monitoring environment with high performance stage. This system is efficient and reliable for conventional electrical distribution system in Myanmar by using SCADA based technology.
SCADA based Bottle filling plant
Nowadays, the application of PLC is widely known and use in this digital world PLC’s application is obviously applied at the industrial sector. Normally, the PLC’s that have been used at the industrial field is usually to control a mechanical movement either of the machine or heavy machine in order to create an efficient production and accurate signal processing. In this project, a discussion about PLC application will be explained in more details and specified. Whereby, a machine that used to prepare automatic filling water into the bottle is fully controlled by the PLC CPM2A,which acts as the heart of the system. The system sequence of operation is designed by ladder diagram and the programming of this project by using PLC software. Sensor usually plays its vital part as an input signal transmitter for the PLC in this system. During this project sensor has been used to detect the bottle position that move along the conveyor belt at the low speed while the machine operates. The input signal that has been sent from the sensor to the PLC has being made as a reference. Signal in order to determine the output signal that exactly a same with the PLC programming language based on the user requirement. Beside that, the electronics and electric devices that usually been controlled by the PLC are like a motor, pump, sensor, conveyor belt, buzzer and the others devices
SCADA based automatic car parking
The aim of this project is to design and build a prototype of a parking vacancy monitoring and automated parking system which will automatically park and get back the vehicle without the driver and also display the parking vacancy. The driver will park his vehicle on a plate at the platform of the car park. Then the sensor will detect the available empty parking spaces a display them on the SCADA. The selects the desired parking space and displays it on SCADA, the vehicle will be transported to that parking space. In order to retrieve the vehicle, the driver will enter the password or token number. The system will retrieve the vehicle from the parking space and send it back to the original position where the driver is waiting.
Automatic green house
We decided to design a greenhouse as subject for our electronic project. The goal was to regulate the temperature inside the greenhouse thanks a lamp, a servomotor to open a window and a PC fan. We wanted to maintain a quite constant level of soil moisture with a pump and to receive temperature, soil moisture and luminosity measurements
Automatic rain water treatment system
The raw water fed by water pump overflows from the upstream channel and flows into the system. Then, the water undergoes upward flow filtration. This is followed by overflow and discharge of the filtrated water with using plc. In this presses using on chemical and boiling water
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