ELECTRONIC PROJECTS(Learning prototype)

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Smart Bottle filling plant

Car washing is simple activity done in order to keep the
exterior of the car clean. Mostly it is done manually in
automobile garage or service centres of automobile
companies. This manual way of cleaning car results in
more consumption of water, manpower and time. The
automatic car washing system explained in this paper
minimises the use of water and also manpower
requirement. Our car washing system utilises control
using PLC. SCADA system will be installed on the
operator panel and hence the operator can monitor
and control the whole process. There are three process
involved in our car washing system namely washing,
cleaning and drying. Cycles of washing includes
washing with water, and then with detergent . Using
this automatic car washing system, many cars can be
washed and it will save time, energy and manpower.
Such systems can be installed anywhere such as malls,
airports, railway stations, residential buildings etc.
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